Helperby discovers and develops antibiotic resistance breakers

Picture a future where a simple cut to your finger could leave you fighting for your life. Where cancer treatments and organ transplants could kill you. And even the most basic operations – having an appendix removed or a hip replacement – could be deadly too.  A future without antibiotics is unthinkable. But it could happen. Because the emergence and spread of drug-resistant pathogens has accelerated, while the pipeline for new anti-microbial drugs has all but run dry.

We’re breaking down resistance with an international network of medical and scientific professionals. Helperby is working hard to break that resistance, by pioneering a unique methodology which allows us to rejuvenate old antibiotics, making them useful once again in treating infectious diseases.

This site explains who we are, what we do and how our work is helping combat antibiotic resistant bacteria.
"This is a growing problem, and if we don't get it right, we will find ourselves in a health system not dissimilar from the early 19th century." Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, March 26 2013
"Helperby has shown in a phase II clinical trial that it is feasible to boost the effect of an old antibiotic in humans." Professor Anthony Coates