How Helperby aims to enhance Antibiotic Stewardship.

The fundamental sentiment of Antibiotic Stewardship is that antibiotics are a precious and finite resource which must be used responsibly.

Doron and Davidson (2011) identified three main goals of Antibiotic Stewardship:

  1. “Optimise therapy for individual patients” - Helperby’s new combination treatment for highly resistant, difficult to treat bacterial infections gives clinicians the option of effective treatment with a lower dose of familiar approved drugs, thereby reducing side-effects.

  2. “Prevent overuse, misuse and abuse”- By using rational combinations of antibiotics, it will be feasible to reduce the emergence of resistance. This approach has been successfully used in other infections such as tuberculosis and AIDS.

  3. “Minimise development of resistance at patient and community levels.” - Helperby’s combining of synergistic anti-infectives protects old, last

    resort antibiotics by making it many orders of magnitude harder for resistance to develop than if they were given alone. 

These values, which ensure that medical/surgical care can continue to rely on effective antibiotics into the future, was the reason Helperby was founded.