Company News

18 Jun 2020


Helperby Therapeutics aims to produce affordable, rapid and effective combination solutions to treat infectious disease. COVID-19 has drawn attention to how unprepared we are to find treatments quickly for pandemics....

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17 Jun 2020

Helperby and COVID-19

Helperby’s commercial model is to develop combinations of repurposed old drugs to fight common resistant bacterial infections. Currently, this combination model is universally utilised for the treatment of diseases...

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24 Apr 2020

Two infectious disease crises: both need combinations

TWO INFECTIOUS DISEASE CRISES Helperby Therapeutics develops rapid, effective and affordable combination solutions to treat infectious diseases and solve crises. Our immediate concern is how do we exit lockdown safely?...

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World News

3 Aug 2020

PBS News Hour first part: report on collapsing antibiotic companies

Our market driven economy hasn’t invested properly in the public goods to protect us in times of crises....

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3 Aug 2020

PBS News Hour second part; How a crumbling antibiotics infrastructure could yield “catastrophe”

Without new antibiotic options, we could be facing another COVID-19 scale catastrophe without proper preparation....

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23 Mar 2020

BBC reports Coronavirus continuing to develop globally

BBC reports Coronavirus continuing to develop globally...

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Key Papers

11 Jan 2020

Antibiotic Combination Therapy Against Resistant Bacteria Infections: Synergy, Rejuvenation & Resistance Reduction

Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) is a pandemic which threatens modern medicine. There is a lack of effective drug treatment due to the slow pace, high cost and low achievable sales prices...

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16 Oct 2019

Are New Antibiotic Combinations The Solution To The AMR Crisis?

Combinations of old antimicrobials such as Helperby’s colistin and azidothymidine are a possible alternative to developing new chemical entities, because they cost one tenth of the price. A Global...

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8 May 2019

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