Dr Yanmin Hu

Director Of Research

Obtained her PhD degree in the laboratory of Prof. Coates in 1999. She started her post-doctoral research with Prof. Coates in St George’s Hospital Medical School, London. Now she is a Senior Research Fellow in St. Georges University of London. The main focus of her research lies in the molecular mechanisms of tuberculosis latency, improved chemotherapy to eradicate persistent bacteria and drug discovery against persistent bacteria including latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis. She has extensive experiences in microbiology, molecular biology, cell culture and animal experimental models.

Her scientific profiles are demonstrated by a stream of high profile publications. She, with Prof. Coates, has developed several persistent tuberculosis models. Using these Hu-Coates TB models new antibiotics against persistent M. tuberculosis can be evaluated. Learned from the key lessons derived from working with latent TB, Dr Hu, with Prof. Coates, has developed a new antibiotic discovery strategy for targeting non-multiplying bacteria including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria from the onset of an antibiotic development program. Using those Hu-Coates methods, they have found many compounds which have potency against persistent bacteria.